Ranaksh Rana: I was always fascinated by theatre, acting

Fidaai actor and model Ranaksh Rana has shared his love for acting.

"I was always fascinated by the art of theatre and acting. I was a part of a theatre group many years ago and I loved everything about it, right from the preparation of playing a character to actually playing a character. I worked in different industries during which I had explored theatre and modelling. I played different profiles in the corporate world, but you can say that acting was my calling," he said.

"I have been a part of the corporate world, have been a fitness consultant and done sales in many different industries. But it was always my dream to be an artist. With the right amount of self belief, encouragement from others and hard work, this switch was possible," added the model, who enjoys writing, doing voice-over, photography and working on fitness.

He had worked for a Marathi music video in 2018, but he considers getting the Face of India 2020 as a major milestone. "Also, Fidaai was my first break," he said about the music video.

The music video also featured Ellie AvrRam. On working with her, he said, "It was amazing. I was her fan and had dreamt of meeting her at least to take a picture with her. Little did I know, I would get a chance to share screen space with her."

Talking about the pros and cons about the entertainment industry, he shared, "Pro is that you get to be anyone and everyone. Con is that you get to be anyone and everyone. I believe in action and outcomes. Analysing and making opinions become subjective and may change with time and situations."

As for the kind of projects he wants to do, he said, "Everything under the sun that helps me grow as a person and evolve as an artist. I have big dreams and the will to work on them."

He believes that pandemic has changed the way we live. "While a lot of opportunities were lost, the same, if not more; have come back now.
More new talents are getting opportunities and good work is in demand," he said.

He feels that pandemic has changed the world overnight, so you can’t have a rigid plan for the future. "That will only lead to disappointment. I have a path and a road ahead and I want to keep going on it and work towards my goals and dreams," he said.

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