Aliya Hamidi: I really don’t understand those people who body shame or age shame others

While it is mostly believed that age is just a number, but many often hide their real age. According to actor and Influencer Aliya Hamidi   Aliya Hamidi, people tend to not reveal their age because of the stigmas attached to the same. The actor and influencer says that no one enjoys being judged for the wrong reasons.

“Today you have so many aesthetic surgeries so why is there a need to say your age? Whatever your age is, you can be young by heart. I am young and if you see Mouni Roy or Deepika Padukone, they are in their thirties yet they look so youthful and gorgeous. When I see my niece and nephew, they are 13 and 14 years old, but they look quite mature, maybe in their twenties. They look older at such a young age. So, you can’t actually say what one’s age is by the way that person looks,” she says.

Age shaming has become a common thing, both publicly and on social media. “When you start working at the age of 22 and then if you are there in the industry for 8 years, people start saying that you must be 30 or 32 years old. But they do not know that you have struggled since the age of 16. For men, there is no age limit but I don't know why people do that with women in particular. I really don’t understand those people who body shame or age shame others,” she adds.

Workplace ageism is also very common. But, Aliya does not pay much heed to all that and has her dreams and plans for the future set.

“I have just started my career so it is too early for me to say. I know I am the best and never going to get disappointed if I lose out on projects, because I have my social media to fall back on, it is my base. I never expected to get into Bollywood, my dream was something else. But, since I started working, I expect to do substantial work. If I get disappointed I will try somewhere else and if not I will get married and settle down in Dubai,” she says.

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