Anupama Solanki: Competition is high these days and you have to show people your calibre through your work and choices to survive in showbiz

Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei star Anupama Solanki recently got a new photo shoot done. The actor was contemplating on experimenting with new looks and makeup, finally she is happy that things worked out well.
 “Every year I do a new photo shoot because I always want to have a fresh approach and update myself along with the growing trends in the entertainment industry. I want to explore myself in every way possible as an actor, for that I need to find out how I am able to carry different looks and style,” says the actor, who started her small screen journey with the show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.
 On why it is necessary for actor's to constantly reinvent themselves, Anupama adds, “Competition is high these days and you have to show people your calibre through your work and choices to survive in showbiz. Look is also an important factor. It helps you take a fresh approach at the same time makers and casting directors can judge by your look what kind of roles will suit you and what your strengths are.”
Apart from the photo shoot, she also lost 5 kilos recently. “I shed the extra weight in about six months. It was not an easy task, so I followed a strict diet, no junk food, no outside food. Thankfully, things worked out in my favour. In show business, the look of an actor matters a lot. Good looks do give you lots of plus points. You look attractive on-screen and makers, as well as viewers, will also give you priority. However, all said and done, nothing is more important than your talent and hard work,” she explains.
 So, who is the most good-looking Bollywood actor according to you? “Salman Khan is the most handsome and attractive actor in Bollywood. He is always passionate about fitness and I have also heard that he doesn't miss his workout, come what may. He is a very hardworking actor and the best thing is his strong attitude towards life and work,” she ends

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