Vidhi Pandya: The fast and fierce 

Vidhi Pandya is a fighter in every sense. She knows when to take a stand, be it for herself or for others, and becomes a tigress when it comes to tasks. 

So far we know that as soon as the contestants hear the roar, they need to go to the store room and collect the pieces of the map. The junglewaasis need to collect it and complete the map, while the main house contestants will stop them. In the Friday's episode, we saw Vidhi along with Ieshaan and Karan run towards the store room to collecte the map pieces. She hid some in her top and then ran towards the washroom area to keep them. 

She then came to Ieshaan's rescue. It was all a big chaos but Vidhi made her way to Ieshaan and did not let the junglewaasis take another piece from him. She and Ieshaan then went to hide it while Karan tried his best to save the one piece that the main house contestants were able to take away. 

Soon after hiding the pieces, Vidhi was back in the kitchen along with Miesha to cook food for the junglewaasis. 

Looks like there is a lot still left of Vidhi for the audience to see, but one thing is for sure, this girl will always give a tough fight.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)


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