Celebs share the positive quote which they like!

Ragini Nandwani: It is a Punjabi quote and is extremely positive. Whenever I feel anything negative is going on in my life and something is not working according to my plan, I read that quote and remember that Waheguru has given me everything. The quote “Pale mere vi khak na honda sirte rabde hath na Honda”. Whatever happens, it happens for good only.

Pranitaa Pandit: I have two favourite quotes: “This too shall pass” and “Nothing lasts forever”.

Mrunal Jain: “Let me see what happens if you don't give up,” I give my 500 % to anything before quitting. I am very stubborn, especially with my work and personal life. I don't give up easily.

Meera Deosthale: “Change is the only constant”, that’s the quote I live by and keep my mind positive with. I feel we are all bound to go through changes all the time and we must always be open to welcome change and adjust to it accordingly. Life becomes much easier if we don’t resist change.

Sharad Malhotra: “Be happy within and follow your heart, nothing else matters.” It keeps me motivated and positive.

Amit Sarin: For me, it is “Live and let live. Life is precious and friendship with time makes all the difference.”

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