Aakash Ahuja:  The best thing about the television industry is that you get to interact with your audience every day!

After having done shows,  O Gujariya: Badle Chal Duniya, Qubool Hai, TV Ke Uss Paar, web series’, Shaadi Boys, Dil Buffering, and film, Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, Aakash Ahuja is seen in Thapki Pyaar Ki 2. The actor plays the role of Purab Singhania in the show.
“Purab is a successful businessman, runs a music label, loves music and is very particular about how he uses his time. He doesn't like people who don't respect time. He's always multitasking, doing 10 things at a time and doing them right. He shares a very different relationship with his mother, who has always been busy with her own profession and could never give him the attention that he required and was sent to a hostel when he was very young,” Aakash reveals about his character.
The actor relates to Purab in many ways and shares that the character is different from what he has done so far.  “My scenes with my Dadi (played by Farida Dadi) in the show are very interesting. She's just like my own grandmother. We share the same chemistry that I used to share with my late grandmother. Apart from the mother angle, Purab is a close reflection of who I am in real life… We do get easily stereotyped on TV, but then that happens in films as well. I think it depends on your ability, skills and how you perceive a character as an actor before portraying it. You need to add something from your end as a performer. And if you do leave an impression on the audience and then half of your job is done. To be honest stereotyping is foolish,” says the actor, who says yes to a project based on the story, character and dialogues.
Talking about the changing content on television, he adds, “Change is always good and TV has been asking for it for a long time now. We need to create something new and experiment to grow. The audience is also ready to accept these changes. The best thing about the television industry is that you get to interact with your audience every day. You don't have to do a scene and wait for six months or a year for a movie to release and then again wait for the reaction of the people. Here people judge you every day on your performance, mistakes are not allowed here. To people who think doing TV is easy, I think they don’t understand that there's less time and more work to do here. Pandemic has changed the way we work and live. However, things are slowly getting better. “It has indeed changed the way we live and work. I hope that all this goes away soon and people don't forget it. We should learn from this and try to take initiatives to conserve our resources, protect and respect nature. And that is the only way to go forward or else such things are unfortunately going to keep happening,” he ends.

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