Sneh Binny: These times are worse than our most horrible nightmares, who could’ve imagined a time when we’ve to lock up, mask up, maintain distance?

Sneh Binny says one of the major steps towards controlling the virus and staying safe is to get vaccinated. The drive is on in India to get every person get both the doses at least once to begin with. While many felt that there should not have been age related division when it comes to who should be taking the jabs first, the entrepreneur feels things had to be put into a system given our population.

“Well, it’s difficult to get India vaccinated, we have 140 crore people in our country. It’s definitely not an easy task. So there will be a shortage. I feel its right to open to elders and people who are prone to the virus first, and then age-wise distribution would have been good. If earlier only this had been open to everyone then a lot more people would die including doctors, nurses, government officials, elders etc, who would have needed these doses first,” he says.

Sneh is yet to get vaccinated himself. “I fall in the 18-44 age bracket and their vaccination drive recently started here in India. Also, I am a UAE resident, I could have gotten vaccinated there months ago, but I didn’t think it’s wise to travel when the spread has risen. And then I also got Covid, so now I can’t take a vaccine until sometime, since I have antibodies. So when the time comes I’ll get vaccinated wherever I am, here in India or in the UAE. Location or brand is not important, if you’ve a chance, get vaccinated fast wherever you are,” he urges.

Stressing on how health is the one thing which we should give importance to in such times, he adds, “These times are worse than our most horrible nightmares. Who could’ve imagined that there will come a time when we have to lock up, mask up, maintain distance etc. It feels like the world has stopped moving. But we will turn around things together with our spirit and unity. We can defeat this faster if we take things seriously. There are cities and countries who’ve become mask free. We will be there someday soon, we have to keep doing what we need to do to move on.”

Talking about how the virus has hit hard on the global economy rendering many jobless and leading to mental stress, Sneh says, “We don’t have any options, so we have to make difficult choices for something far more greater than career, work and economy. That is life. Those who have lost their loved ones would understand this. They know the pain. Careers, work and the economy will all be back to normal soon and maybe faster if we make the right choices ourselves and the government makes right decisions but loved ones who have left us won’t come back. So let’s stay close to our friends and family and join hands to get back to our mask-free lives.”