Shweta Rohira goes for a complete ravishing makeover!

Shweta Rohira who used to be chubby once upon a time is not recognizable in her new look. . From 82 Kgs she is now 42 Kgs in weight. Her long hair have become short and platinum. Shweta says, "Be it long or short, Amanda Carvalho has always styled my hair. This time was no exception. I had a pixie cut earlier, you can say that this is another pixie cut- which has made me go from Rapunzel to Bohemian. Waise bhi, more often, I have been a short-haired person." Elaborating on the platinum look, Shweta reasoned, "We decided that we should experiment something. Aajkal waise bhi yeh platinum look is in. Arjun Rampal made headlines with his platinum hair and he was in a way an inspiration to experiment." Sports nutritionist Kinita Kadakia contributed to Shweta's weight loss.
Shweta was last seen in Bharat Dabholkar's play 'That's My Girl' which was a father-daughter story. I was happy even when I was 82 kg, I am happy even now. But yes, I am really enjoying my new avatar. I remember Waheedaji (Rehman) coming to see 'That's My Girl' and asking Bharat sir ki yeh chhota patakha kahan se laya. I also had a very good time doing the short film 'Parineeti'." Shweta is very much single and focused on her work. If the buzz is to be believed she may soon be seen in a big project as an actor.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)