“Like a star my feature film “Tara” is shining bright in the sky full of movies” says Producer-Director Kumar Raj

Producer and Director Kumar Raj’s film ‘Tara , The journey of love and passion’ has become the only film to receive its 230th award this year by winning at the International film festival Mokkho.
‘Tara’ has become one of the most critically acclaimed films by receiving a world record breaker 230th award and 330th international film festival selection and screenings.
At this prestigious international film festival ‘Mokkho’ ‘Tara’ not only won the award for the Best Indie Film but also achieved an honourable mention in the category of the Best Creator.
Speaking about the film’s success journey, Producer and Director of the film Kumar Raj says, “Tara means a Star in Hindi and today I feel the name of this film is completely apt. This film has been shining like a star in the sky full of movies. There is no doubt that the film has not only been an inspiration but it is also breaking all records till date. Just like a star which is always present in the sky and shining bright, in the same way my film Tara has been sparkling wherever it has gone so far. My valuable team and myself are thankful to the Mokkho Film Festival for their warmth. The quick response from the festival director and Jury is very well appreciated. I would also like to thank my family, my well-wishers and supporters all around the world. It was a great experience for us”
The film also features a melodious song in the voice of famous singer Madhushree.
'Tara' is written by Dr. Prof. Kishen Pawar. Lead actress of the film is Rekha Rana (recipient of 40 international awards) along with an amazing cast that includes Aashish Salim and Rohan Shroff.
Organizer and executive director of the film festival Mr. Eshwar T. Parthiban while speaking about the international film festival says, “We at Mokkho International film festival (MIFF) are considered to be the grandest Moksha Award for the achievement of a winner in the film industry. Our Mission is to discover high quality and ambitious films, to promote the work of film makers and to help the dreams of film makers come true.”
Kumar Raj’s upcoming film ‘Ameena ’ featuring Rekha Rana, came to a standstill due to the ongoing pandemic and lockdown , the film is expected to be released soon this year .

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