We are actors and show must go on : Mohit Daga

The fresh wave of the COVID19 has led to yet another lockdown in the state. As we know the government has banned shooting in the state. The production houses of all the shows have been told to put a halt as per the government guidelines. After almost a fortnight, the cast and crew of Tera Yaar Hoon Main resumed shooting in Rajkot. Actor Mohit Daga who plays the role of Shakti Bagga in the show speaks about the new shooting setup. He says,” We are currently shooting in a beautiful haveli and the production house is taking utmost care of us. Meeting my reel family after so long is a blessing in this extremely sad time. The situation in India is grim and we all have to be doubly sure about our safety. I have carried my own steam machine here and other than that vitamin tablets, some healthy food so that my immune system can fight the virus. I am also carrying my own speaker so in the evening after the break, I can listen to some spiritual stuff to keep myself calm. We are actors and the show must go on.”

Mohit also adds,”The temperature here is quite high as it is peak summer but once the roll camera sound comes, all actors are on their toes. Yes, I am missing my family, but thanks to technology we are in touch on a daily basis.” Mohit also speaks about his best friend Aniruddh Dave who is currently fighting with the deadly virus and has been hospitalized in Bhopal. He adds,” I am extremely worried about him, but I know he will be fine in some time. I am shaken a bit as this happened to him. The strain of this virus is quite dangerous and it’s impacting the lungs. So request all to mask up and keep social distancing.”

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