Shashank Vyas: I can never have a backup to my dreams

Actor Shashank Vyas has seen many ups and downs in his career and says that he has never let these bother him personally. In a candid chat, the actor says that he has never thought of having a backup career and what he feels about social media.

There is a lot of uncertainty in terms of opportunities be it TV and films. What is your take on it?

Speaking of uncertainty, who would have thought of a virus taking the whole world under its grip. People should not panic; the worst of times, like the best, will pass. Nothing is permanent and the more we talk about Corona, the more we are giving it power upon us. So, like any industry, be it politics, sports, the TV and film industry also is unpredictable and ever-changing. Although Individual talent and luck play a very important role in mapping out your survival here, it can never be consistent for an actor. I have chosen this profession as it is my dream, my passion that I wanted to fulfill. It is not like someone had to force me to be an actor. Life is full of surprises and uncertainty is also a part and parcel of life. You only grow once you get out of your comfort zone. One has to take uncertainty in their stride and keep doing good work.

Should actors have an alternate profession?

I can only speak for myself and I would say that focus on one goal at one time is very crucial. If I have a backup plan then I may not put in my 100 percent here but if I have this in my mind that this is it and there is no other way it can be, then I'll give my best and also succeed. The goal has to be clear. I can never have back up for my dreams. This is my dream.

Many actors are jumping into too many things (eg- opening restaurants, getting involved in other businesses like marketing of the products, investing money in different projects to the extent that the focus on acting is reduced? What is your opinion on it?
I came to Mumbai in 2009 from Madhya Pradesh to become an actor and never ever once deviated from my dream. I'm not setting up any big targets as of now. I'm an artist and I definitely don't have good business acumen. If at all I feel that my creativity can be extended to direction then maybe that is something I'll take up in the near future.

In today’s time, an actor is involved in social media, collaboration, and selfie culture to the extent that personal life is public and the same actor's crib and day that there is an invasion of privacy. What are your views on these?
All this time I have been accused of not being on social media by my fans. I don't take social media seriously. It is a fun thing and I only use it to reach out to my fans, that too once a month. One has a choice of being on it or not being on it. I choose not to make my personal life public by posting pictures or tweeting private details. It is an individual choice at the end of the day. Posting everything online and then complaining of invasion of privacy is a hypocritical thing to do. Just like having a million followers won't affect my craft, similarly having fewer followers won't affect my dream, my health, and my craft. Through social media, one only wants to seek social validation or adulation to feel good about themselves. In other words, it is all illusionary space. The key to happiness is in my pocket and not in someone else's hand.

A lot of actors say no to a lot of work than at the same time they say that they are not getting the right opportunity. Express your view.

Absolutely, I agree with this statement. Any seasoned actor who in the real sense is passionate about acting will not pick up a role casually. There is a huge scarcity of good writers. Right now, only supernatural shows are getting made, which does not offer much to an actor in terms of creative satisfaction. Many fantastic actors say no owing to the lack of good scripts. A script has to be so compelling that you hear it once and you know you would like to be a part of it. If the role is well written on paper then an actor has to be physically and mentally present and everything will turn out good. The part where an actor is not convinced is the logic bit. The audience today is spoilt for choice with the vast amount of shows to choose from and they will not accept just about anything. The content has to be compelling.


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