Sneh Binny: Fashion is who you are, it not necessarily has to appeal to others, but you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in

Fashion for entrepreneur Sneh Binny is a form of self-expression. It defines one’s choices and personality. Fashion is how one dresses up for a particular occasion, the clothes, footwear, accessories, makeup hairstyle and also the body posture.

“Fashion is who you are. It not necessarily has to appeal to others, it has to be what you’re comfortable in wearing, more than what others think. I am not one who follows all fashion trends. I wear whatever I like, as I said it not about what you wear, it’s about what you’re comfortable wearing. It’s your lifestyle and your posture too. I try to keep up as much as I can but for me personally it not exhausting at all,” he says.

Sneh’s comfort clothes are shorts and t-shirts when he is at home. He mostly steps outside wearing track pants and t-shirts. “Wish I could wear them to office too,” he laughs softly.

For a date night, he is mostly in shirts and trousers. He finds semi-casual right for such occasions.

“Sometime people do go overboard while following trends blindly. One must understand what kind of clothing is appropriate for what occasion. So it’s important to make sure to wear what is suitable. You can’t wear something crazy at certain places or basic at others. So it’s important to know who the audience is and the location, then the clothes would go overboard,” he adds.


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