Rahul Bhatia is helping those suffering with food, offering help with children education: I want to give back to the society

The pandemic has taken a toll on everyone and many celebrities have come forward to help those in need. Anchor, dancer, blogger, actor and entrepreneur Rahul Bhatia too has joined the brigade.

“I have been inspired by Sonu Sood. This pandemic has hit us hard, many people are suffering. Many have lost their loved ones, their jobs, many are facing financial crisis, many are unable to open their shops or run their business well because of the lockdown. While I was in Bombay and not getting work at that time in my life there were times when I went hungry for three days at a time. I still remember my roommate gave me 100 rupees and also bought me food. At that time my roommate was like a God sent angel. So, I also wanted to give back to society because society,” he explains the reason he has extended a helping hand to those suffering.

Talking about his humanitarian work, he shares that he is taking care of the education of a few students, especially those who are not being able to pay their fees.

“We also prepare 50 to 60 food packets every day as per the requirement. I have made one video that people are sharing on social media and they are reaching out to me via social media whenever they need any help. I keep all their names secret. We are trying to help those who are not getting to eat given the financial crunch. We are distributing wheat flour, rice, dal, soybeans etc and are distributing ready meals,” he adds.

Rahul feels this is the time to be there for each other. “We should have compassion, empathy towards one another. As human beings, we should help those in need. I don’t know how much I can do, but I am trying to help them with whatever I can, especially food, which is the basic necessity,” he says.

He also requests every celebrity, public figure, and influencer, who have millions of followers, to start this kind of initiative to help people. Though many have started already, he urges others to join in too.

“In today’s time where we are standing at a very difficult phase, we can only get out of a situation if we stay together. We need each other to fight against the virus. Celebrities are people who can afford to help and make people aware of all things that need to be done right now,” he ends.

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