Nibeditaa Paal: I wasn’t keen on doing Spiltsvilla till I was told this show enjoys good youth viewership, luckily it worked out, earned me initial recognition

While her parents are from Mumbai, Nibeditaa Paal was raised in New Zealand. After finishing school, the model-actor shifted to Australia to complete her graduation. While she is known for her stint in Spiltsvilla season 10, among other acting and modelling projects, Paal’s academic background is not something many are aware of.

“I have done bachelors in Mass Communication and double major in Public relation and Marketing. After completing my studies, I shifted back to India to pursue a career in acting,” says Paal, who was crowned Miss India Australia in 2015.

Her debut project is Spiltsvilla. “Back then in 2017, that show really helped me understand the industry, earned me my audience, some recognition and social media presence too. Honestly I never thought that I wanted to get into reality space but when I got the offer and they told me it's an MTV project that has a lot of youth viewership, I thought why not. Our season turned out really popular. Then after, I got the show Class of 2020, which again did well. Straight after that I got the opportunity to work with Ekta Kapoor in Kuch Toh Hai: Naagin Ek Naye Rang Mein. It’s unfortunate that the show didn’t last for long,” she talks about her journey so far.

So was she disappointed when the show went off air so soon? “When I was offered Kuch Toh Hai… I was told it’s a parallel lead role and I actually liked my character, the very bubbly, cute, glamours Ruhi, who loves herself and knew how to make her importance felt everywhere. Then slowly as the show progressed she fell in love with Rehan Initially it was a cute bubbly character and since the show was progressing she started developing her interest towards Rehan (Harsh Rajput’s character). My character was actually growing in the show and there were many more interesting things to come but then things came to an end. I was definitely disappointed but I am complaining because it was a good learning experience, also not everything is in your hands,” she says.

The actor is open to shows or web series that will offer her substantial parts. “I want to play challenging and prominent characters. I am not fussy about the screen presence or whether it’s positive or negative, the role should be interesting and have a lot to offer to both me as an actor and the audiences too. In fact, I would love to play a negative role that would be interesting as till now people have only known me as the nice, cute girl next door,” adds Paal, who would be an entrepreneur or a marketing professional with some fashion brand if she had not been an actor.


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