My on-screen character is way different from my real life and I love that: Asmita Sharma

With the second season of "Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya", the great ensemble too came back, and the audience once again got to see the cunning and manipulative Amma Ji played by Asmita Sharma. But the actress confessed that she is nothing like her on-screen avatar.

She said, "The character which I played in season 1 it was very versatile and colourful, and it is the same in season 2 too. But when the second season started, she had become positive, but now slowly she will go back to being the same old Amma. The audience will slowly get to see her true colour coming out."

She revealed that the audience too was demanding to have the old Amma back. "The audience is happy to see my character again and since the time Amma got into her old character people started loving it more," she said.

However, Asmita revealed that she doesn't relate to any of the traits of her reel self. "My on-screen character is way different than my real life and I love that. As an actor, you always want to do something different, and this character is totally different," she said.

The actress also revealed that she was not expecting a season 2, especially after nine years, and is hopeful to get the same kind of love that season 1 received. She said, "We didn't even think that after nine years '...Pratigya' will start again, and it's like a blessing. I think the story will get stronger now, and this season too will also get the same kind of response."

This is Asmita's first show with producer Rajan Shahi and she appreciated him for putting his heart and soul in every show he is producing.

"I haven't worked with him before but had heard a lot about him. I feel he's great producer and everything is good in this production house, the team how they handle, the coordination with the actors, and how they take care is very commendable and working with them is like an achievement for me," she concluded.


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