Meditation helps to bring peace in life: Sidharrth Sipani

Sidharrth Sipani, who will be seen in web-series "Fariha", says meditation helps in finding inner peace in this stressful world.

The actor says for him spirituality means peace and meditation. "Prayer, chanting and meditation is the real peace in our busy lives today especially when we are surrounded by materialistic things. I see everything scientifically and spiritually. I feel there's some power that exists which can't be seen but is there," he adds.

The "Zindagi Ki Mehek" star thinks blessing is the most powerful tool. Ask him if the pandemic made him more compassionate and spiritual, the actor says, "Everything in life teaches us and shows us different paths. Sometimes the thing which we humans can’t answer then there is some power which can only be felt." Sidharrth has been a generous person and finds happiness in helping everyone. "My philosophy of life is be a giver. Keep helping everyone and always be there for your family," he concludes.


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