Avinash Mukerjee: As an actor it’s important not to set extreme standards of fashion, but maintain a desirable image

Avinash Mukherjee who is getting lot of appreciation for Sasural Simar Ka 2 feels in showbiz it’s important to be fashionable, but never go overboard. He highlights the importance of having the understanding of what to wear when and how. The Ballika Vadhu actor therefore is particular about what he wears every time he steps out.

“As an actor I feel it’s very important not to set extreme standards of fashion but maintain a desirable image. I follow that in my line of work. I am mostly a person who believes in comfort wear. I don’t usually take style advice from people but I have developed my own style over the years. I think style is also instinctive. It should be that way because that means you are ready to experiment and explore,” he explains.

Mukherjee says different kinds of clothes express different moods. “When I am wearing a T-shirt and jeans I feel different compared to the time I am wearing a suit, with a matching tie, cufflinks and shoes. But then both make me feel good. Clothes we wear are a reflection of us, but that does not mean that we have the right to judge a person by what he or she is wearing. You never know what is going on inside a person or why he or she is wearing something,” he adds.

The actor does not really shop much but whenever he buys he prefers “expensive but quality stuff which will last a long time”. He does not splurge a lot unless it is required or he has liked something.

“I feel we all should develop and nurture our signature style. There is no point in aping others. I follow what I feel fashionable. And when I say expensive I will buy about 2-3 suits in like 4-5 years but I make sure that they are branded, custom tailored, can be worn for different occasions and can be mixed and matched. I don’t wear anything that makes me uncomfortable,” he wraps up.

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