Don’t take unwanted medicine and panic less : Ajay Kumar Singh who recovered from Covid speaks up!

Noted producer actor Ajay Kumar Singh had recently recovered from the deadly COVID-19 and has shared some important inputs from his recovery. Ajay was affected along with his aged mother and two kids. Ajay says,” First, I isolated myself in a different place. And also isolated my mother and my two kids. Every day, I used to drink five glasses of warm water and five glasses of lemon water. And then I used to soak myself in the sunshine for an hour in the morning. That vitamin D is very important. I used to put lemon juice into my nose and which would go to my throat. So that actually helped me in quick healing from COVID-19. And my advice to all the people is not to take unwanted medicine and panic less. I have followed a proper diet of green vegetables and had enough fluids. Once I was down with the virus, there have been many Whatsapp messages and forwarded messages but I have not followed any of that. I have stayed away from social media and focused on my health totally. I have currently tested negative and I am very grateful. I am happy that only whatever I followed religiously has worked in my favour.”

Ajay is currently producing four languages film which is an adaptation of Spanish film Julia’s Eyes. There are more 10 days of work left, once the situation of Mumbai has improved, the team will start shooting.


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