Sahil Khattar: Diwali is a family festival

83 actor Sahil Khattar describes Diwali as a family festival as family comes together to celebrate the day.

"Diwali is a family festival. I speak for myself. Earlier, I was not able to go back home during Diwali when I was in Mumbai for work, I wasn’t able to visit home due to financial issues. So for me this is the family coming together festival and it’s not just a festival of lights, but it’s also a festival where you can try to light up others' lives as well. It’s a new beginning, it’s a ray of hope in your life as they say, it’s that one stroke of light at the end of the tunnel so hold onto it. So this is your hope, this is what Diwali is for me," he shared.

"Most of my favourite Diwali memories are related to phatakas, so we used to go back the next morning to check which cracker was left so we used to burst them the next day. Those weird name crackers like Aloo bomb, laxmi bomb, chakris we used burst them," he added.

He is going to celebrate this Diwali with his friends.
"It’s already planned. I have already asked my designer for the best of his designs for me for this Diwali. I want to look my best this year as from the last two years, I haven’t really celebrated it well so this year for sure, I will celebrate properly and priority will first be my family so first I will celebrate with them then I will meet my friends and plan the party," he said.
He is also planning to buy either a car or a new house.  "I am really confused because we are looking at both the options. Gold is going to be there, but I want to bring a new asset in my life because assets are what we really work for. I've really worked hard all these years. I really want to see a lot of things come through. I think I am going to buy my mom some kadas (bangles). She's always been looking for gold and diamond kadas. I think this would be the time (un ki khwahish poori ho). For me I will not buy anything in gold because buying a house is very important. I am a fan of gold but it doesn't suit me. I am never into astrology and stuff but gold doesn't suit me. Silver is more of me so I think I'll buy a lot of silver," he said.

"Had the lockdown not opened up, I wouldn't have thought of buying anything. If I was not having work coming I would've held all the wealth that I have. Touchwood, there has been some wealth and I really want to invest myself and my money into good things at the right time for the right reason so that things happen in the best way possible in the near future including start-ups, restaurants, food chains. It doesn't matter but investment should be right," he added.

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