Relishing sweets and enjoying an eco-friendly Diwali, the cast of 'Anupamaa' share their Diwali plans

Diwali is almost here. The festival of lights is all about cleaning and decorating our house and having a good time with the family. Like us, even our favourite celebrities are leaving no stones unturned to have a good time on Diwali. Here's the cast of Rajan and Deepa Shahi's "Anupamaa" sharing their plans for the day:

Sudhanshu Pandey:
Diwali to me means happiness, lights, lots of colours, sweets and spending time with family. The festivity starts with Lakshmi Puja at home and it feels very beautiful when you're doing the puja at home. The religious and the cultural rituals that we do at home empower all of us and make us happier and stronger. This year we will be celebrating Diwali like always. I will be coming back from Dubai on November 3rd especially for Diwali so that we can all be at home together. The day will start with cleaning up the house and then dressing up well for the puja and celebration and lighting up the house.
There are many Diwalis which have been my favorite because spending time with your family is always beautiful and it becomes so empowering because you get the strength from your family, you feel the love of your family and you get a positive vibe. So every Diwali that I celebrate with the family becomes memorable for me.

Alpana Buch:
Whether it's Diwali, Holi, Janmashtami, Ganeshotsav, Navratri or anything else, for me, all the festivals are important because I love celebration. Festivals gift us those precious moments to enjoy and to cherish. They give me that pleasure to celebrate life with my loved ones. It brings lots of positivity to our life. Ofcourse, Diwali is something special because it brings light and happiness in our life. So Diwali means celebration of life for me. This year because of my shooting I haven't planned much but will take a short leave and enjoy every moment with my near and dear ones. So whatever time I have I will celebrate every moment by lighting diya, making rangolis and relishing typical Gujarati Diwali snacks. In short I will rejuvenate myself for my post diwali shoot. Every Diwali brings something new and something good to my life. So I can't recollect any specific memorable moment but I am already getting in to a super celebration zone by remembering my previous diwalis.

Madalsa Sharma:
Diwali is my most favorite festival. Like everyone else, even I enjoy the festivities all around. The lights, decoration and Diwali melas, they all create a great ambience. Who would not be carried away? Since we are working in a hectic schedule, I can not make any elaborate plans. I will be attending a Diwali puja on the set and then will join my family for puja. My most cherished memory is celebrating Diwali in Delhi with my grandparents, uncles, cousins and my childhood friends and burning sutli bombs, phooljhadis, anars etc.

Paras Kalnawat:
Diwali festival holds a very important place in ky life. Since childhood, we have always celebrated this festival with a lot of enthusiasm and fervour. As a kid, I would burn a lot of crackers on Diwali but since the time I realised how bad it is for the environment I have always celebrated an eco-friendly Diwali. This year I plan to celebrate the festival with my mother and my sister and then may be me and my friends will have a house party where we can play some music and enjoy the day. My most favourite Diwali are the ones I celebrated with my dad. This is my first Diwali without him and the moments I have shared during this festival with him are all so precious. I still remember he would get gifts for us on Diwali. When I was a kid he would take me with him and would buy all my favourite firecrackers. He was the one who would bring the entire family together on Diwali. And since this is our first Diwali without him, it won't be the same like before.

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