Ranaksh Rana on time management: If you look at anything as a task, it will become a task


The concern around time management in today’s time is harsh reality says actor-model-voiceover artist Ranaksh Rana. He feels one needs to stay calm while approaching different situations in life.
“If you look at anything as a task, it will become a task. Since the time you get up in the morning, time is nothing but full of possibilities. As an artist, you shouldn’t try to stick to a tight schedule but at the same time ensure what needs to be done, gets done,” he says.
Everyone is occupied in their respective careers, but people who belong to the entertainment industry are often seen and heard complaining about lack or shortage of time.
“Every career is unique and equally interesting. Why you hear people in the entertainment industry talk about it more is because as an artist you are not living just one life. You have the gift to live multiple lives. But it also means that you have to prepare to play those multiple lives. If you lead your life 100% how a true artist should, you really won’t have any spare time. There’s so much to do, learn and upgrade yourself on. You have to focus on your body, skin, mind, voice, knowledge, body language, emotions and expressions. Possibilities are endless,” he explains
Sundays or offs don't feel like a holiday now. Thanks to communication tools like mobile phones and social media. “If we live more in reel world than real, then reality goes further away. The reel world has to be seen as a part of the real world. Not confused with the real world. The focus gets lost. In the rush for instant fame, efforts to compete and upgrade yourself gets side tracked. A real artist knows the value of working on their craft and that it takes time. Wherever you are, feel it. Don’t just click pictures for posting and putting filters. Click pictures, to capture that beautiful moment. Using it the right way, you can make all the difference,” he adds.
Ranaksh speaks more on social media. “If your life is simple, you are not living it to the fullest. Life is not simple. It is full of action and how beautiful it can be! If not social media, there would have been something else. Social media has changed the game. But, how and how much you use, it is up to you. If you want to become a trendsetter, don’t feel bad if you can’t keep up with the trends. Just keep working on your craft,” he says.
Everyone gets the same 24 hours, but sometimes that 24 hours don't seem enough. On this note Ranaksh shares some time management tips.
“In my most active days, I have to go to the gym, practise acting and do voice exercises, find time for reading, ensure I get proper nutrition throughout the day, meditate and do yoga- on top of audition preps, meetings and classes. The point is, I have to maintain my calorie count. There is no other way. I don’t follow a chart. So my mantra is discipline and commitment. And second thing, I look at the outcome and not on a hard and fast time table. And these are tips that I can share,” he adds.

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