Rajan Shahi's Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata star cast wishes everyone a very happy and prosperous Diwali

The countdown for Diwali has begun, and the smell of celebrations is in the air. Producer Rajan Shahi and the star cast of his popular trilogy Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai are all keyed up to make merry during the festival of lights. They open up about the significance of Diwali, their celebration plans and also share their most favourite Diwali memory. Find out more!
Neeraj Goswami
Diwali is the triumph of good over bad, knowledge over fear and love over hatred. These are the reasons why I feel we can celebrate Diwali every day. I look forward to meeting as many people as possible and bask in the positivity during this occasion. Waiting to hog on to the sweets, it’s like you are waiting for the delicacies and thinking when the satyanarayan puja is going to get over. It’s my favourite childhood memory of the festival.
Karishma Sawant
For me Diwali means a fresh start. Leaving behind the bad and taking all the good ahead. My Diwali will be celebrated on the set with my lovely co-stars and the team. The Diwali that I had spent as a child with my friends has always been memorable.
Niharika Chouksey
It's my most favourite festival, I just love the deepawali vibes. It gives me so much happiness… By the way, this is the only time of the year when I am actually interested in cleaning up my house. I don't want to burst crackers because it’s harmful for the environment and not good for our own health. Like every year, we will do a Mahalaxmi puja, I will make rangoli with my mommy and obviously I will get to eat so many delicious sweets. I am so happy and excited because usually my mom doesn't let me eat sweets and unhealthy stuff, but during Diwali she won’t stop me. There's not any particular memory but I can say that every year this festival brings so much joy and I love every bit of it. Each and every Deepawali so far has been unique and memorable in its own way.
Ashish Nayyar
Diwali is the festival of lights and new beginnings. I love this festival as it brings together family and friends and lots of food and drinks. We celebrate Diwali by throwing a party and then by playing some cards. When we were kids, all my friends used to come to our house and burst crackers till late at night because we usually had loads of crackers and mithai stacked in our house. Now, of course, we don't burst crackers as it adds to pollution.
Vinay Jain
To me, Diwali symbolises the victory of good over evil, positivity over negativity - therefore an occasion of great joy and celebration. We will have pretty subdued celebration plans this time keeping in mind the current scenario. I am looking forward to spending quality time with the family over some awesome mithai, good music and a few harmless rounds of cards. The Diwali I spent in Singapore quite a few years back was my most memorable experience. I witnessed the most spectacular fireworks display, had great food and enjoyed some great company.
Sharan Anandani
It means happiness, family, get-togethers, prosperity and new beginnings. As of now nothing has been planned because I'll be working those days, but if I do get a day off, I will spend time with my family. My most favourite Diwali memory is spending time with my entire group of friends, playing cards together the entire night, having fun, listening to music, talking, revealing secrets and more.
Ami Trivedi
To me, Diwali means food, fun, family and celebrations. I love the special snacks that we make during Diwali… hamare mai ghughra banta hai, chakri banti hai, chivda banta hai.  All of these are the most exciting part of the celebrations as Diwali also gives you the excuse to eat more. This time Diwali is going to be double dhamaka because it's not going to be with only my family at home and the Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai family. So I'm really excited. My most favourite Diwali memory is gorging on the food. I'm a foodie, and what I remember the most is all the ladies in my family used to make all these Diwali snacks together. So when they used to start preparing a week before the festival and we all got to taste all these snacks in advance as well. Shopping for new things every year is also a favourite ritual of mine.

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