Nilesh Ahuja:  Travelling makes me happy, helps me unwind and recharges my creative buds

Music composers usually maintain a low profile, while singers and actors often become the face of songs. Musician Nilesh Ahuja, who has composed songs such as Thoda Thoda Pyaar, Mehendi Lagi and Zahir Kare , feels this has become a norm.
“I also believe if the song is good and it reaches to the masses then music composers definitely get the credit, respect and value. As a composer, your value is understood by the reach of the song. I am happy that Thoda Thoda Pyaar Hua Tumse has crossed more than 300 million views and has reached the masses, Even though the actors and singers get mileage, every talent gets their due,” he says.
Talking about the time required to compose a romantic song, Nilesh adds that it all depends on the lyrics. “Sometimes the melody can come within five minutes also and sometimes it takes hours and hours, even days to complete the mukhda and antara. I usually don’t keep the parameters as such while composing music but my main criteria is that the music should have a different vibe, a melody that anyone can hum. It should be an easy song to sing, and must have a recall value,” he adds.
Nilesh’s favourite composer is AR Rahman. “Rahman sir is my all time favourite… I have been a huge fan and I really love the work he has done in the movies during the 90s and then films like Taal and Yuva. All those melodies fascinate me,” he says.
What inspires the artist in him is his love for travel. “Whenever I travel, I get certain ideas and I try to create different melodies. Nature, open spaces, greenery, mountains, seas make me happy, and create a beautiful and inspiring environment around me. They help me unwind and recharge my creative buds,” he concludes.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)


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