K Content Creators make waves in the Latest Bollywood films and Songs!

"Cash" was released on Disney+ Hotstar on November 19, 2021. "Cash" is a unique comic take on the incident of demonetization in India and its impact on our daily lives.

Apart from the puns and the storyline of this movie, fans also enjoyed the songs in the movie. These songs have not only made their way into our hearts but have also gained attention from Korean audiences. Since the songs were catchy some Korean creators were able to dance around their tunes. Hoon and Min from Korean Dost who are well recognized and loved by Indian audiences made a video dancing to the Nacho Nacho song from the Cash movie. They are well known for their fresh outlook on Indian movies, songs, and culture, and this video made by them went viral on Instagram in no time. The producers, directors of the actors of Cash movie have applauded their dance moves and have been appreciating their efforts. Check there fun filled reel out


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