Harshali Zine: Why are we blaming technology, which has no consciousness, for everything? When in reality we’re only ruining our lives by over using it

Time management in the present times is quite a task. Actor Harshali Zine feels time is relative.  Sometimes we struggle to pass even an hour, and sometimes 24 hours feels like less than a moment.

“Everything depends on the circumstances or situations one is in. One's attitude and ability to perceive things decides their time and everything that’s perceived with ease and grace could be managed very well including time. Everything is effortless in here and now. There's eternity in being in the moment, we need to understand that,” says the actor, known for the TV show Hitler Didi.

Everyone is occupied in their respective careers, but people who belong to the entertainment industry are often heard complaining about shortage of time.

“I don't know about others but I’m too occupied living. I’ve made my well being and my peace of mind, my priority. I'm not running any races. There’s nothing to prove to anyone. Now, I take my time to choose projects. Creative satisfaction is of utmost importance to me. The kind of work that doesn't feel like work becomes a play. There's no play that doesn't bring joy, it feels like time well invested. In such scenarios time is just enough and never too much or less. One should know what one wants and vice versa. If our choices bring stress and a feeling of emptiness in our lives, is it even worth doing? To choose wisely is in our hands,” she adds.

 Sundays or off days don't feel like holidays now. All thanks to mobile phones and social media. The same technology which is a boon is a bane too.

“Why are we blaming technology for everything as if it has consciousness? We are ruining ourselves by over using it. There’s too much pressure to be out there, posting something constantly, creating a fake shiny world. Everybody’s just cloning everybody. No creativity and meaning in such posts. So, drop the sheep mentality. We’ve become slaves of it, in fact Technology was invented to serve us.  How much to use these gadgets is an individual’s choice. We are just hiding behind these devices, the internet, social media etc. It’s time we switch off these devices and face ourselves, work on ourselves. Invest in upgrading your life. That is the best contribution one could make in changing the world. It's not any rocket science,” she explains.

Sharing time management tips, the actor adds, “Set your priorities. Do a social media detox from time to time. Take out time to visit meditation retreat camps. Let's watch what we’re posting on social media. If our posts are not encouraging, motivating or changing the lives of others for better then ask yourself, ‘Why am I posting at all?’”

Do you think life was pretty simple before social media came into existence? “We’re living in the most special and evolving time period right now. Technologically and spiritually it's the best phase. One should learn to balance. Social media isn’t bad. It's just that the world is drowned in it. Let's let technological advancement serve us rather than us being slaves of it. It’s our choice and free will what we decide for ourselves.  Life is, was and always will be simple, we end up complicating it. Let's not forget that our choices will become a way of life for the next generation. Also, we are the master of our choices, our life is the result of our choices,” she ends.

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