"Haarsh Limbachiyaa speaks about the concept of Bharti TV and "The Indian Game show

Bharti Singh's along with her husband Haarsh Limbachiyaa has successfully hosted various shows on Indian television. Now the dynamic duo are back with yet another new venture,'THE INDIAN GAME SHOW' on their recently launched YouTube channel 'Bharti TV'. Speaking about it Haarsh says,”I have been working on the concept for the last 2 years. It is a concept where we can break the monotony of the non fiction genre on television. I wanted to do something new where all the celebrities can come and play. I, Bharti and Aditya Narayan will be hosting the game show. This will be the first time when 3 anchors will host a game show. The production value of the games are that of international standards.  We have designed it in a way so that the audience also gets to see something new.” There will be more than 75 stars in the show from the world of entertainment and social media.” So what’s the thought behind Bharti tv? “To me Bharti is like an universe of talent, she is the only female comedian of India who has done all kind of shows from comedy to dance show to stunt based to talent hunt shows. And we have seen how much the audience likes her as an entertainer. So the thought was to make her available for the viewers on you tube and that too free. The usp of Bharti Tv is the content which will be different from television. Stuff which you cannot expect on tv,  you can see that on Bharti Tv. If you subscribe to this channel you can view the content anytime anywhere in the world.” 

Speaking about the amount of work the couple has put in Haarsh says,”For the last three months we have been working endlessly and our team also has done a great job. Because there is a huge pressure as so many celebrities have agreed to come on board and we wanted to be sure about the content we will be presenting through them. There is a money and brand involved in the show and our guests should come and enjoy the game.” Sadly the kids and youth are mostly busy with online games so what’s your take on that.”Yes most of the time the youth are busy on online games through their mobile phones, but I feel the games should be such that we can play them together, have fun together and fall together. So that is also a reason we came up with The Indian Game Show where we all can enjoy in an interactive way.”  Bharti and Haarsh have this brilliant team and they are immensely loved by their fans. What’s the essence of their team? “Our chemistry is organic it was never scripted, we act and react live. Bharti is a god gifted talent so for me it is more easy to coordinate with her.”  The show will go live in November and boasts of wide variety of celebs from Shivin Narang, Mubeen Saudagar, Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni, Paras Kalnawat and many more. In every episode celebs will play the game.

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