Ullu's gripping murder mystery ‘Pratiksha’ is No 1 show to watch!

Directed by Deepak Pandey, it features a star-studded cast including Chestha Bhagat, Arya Babbar, Avinash Wadhawan, Manini De, Jay Soni, Jyoti Gauba, Raj Singh Arora, Manu Malik amongst others

Mumbai: The Indian on-demand streaming platform, Ullu latest thriller and mystery series titled 'Pratiksha' with a versatile and talented starcast is getting rave reviews amongst influencers. This Ullu Originals series, Pratiksha, released on 26th October and audiences are loving the story of corruption, deceit and (of course) mystery. The 14-part-series has been directed by the acclaimed, Deepak Pandey.

The series narrative is centered around one of television’s most celebrated star and a youth icon, Pratiksha Singh (Chestha Bhagat), who is found dead one day in an apparent suicide at her residence in Mumbai. Pratiksha had witnessed a downfall in her stardom post her controversial love affair with a flamboyant free-spirited hunk Chirag (Arya Babbar), before her eventual suicide that shocked the entertainment world. And, her brush with drugs, drinks and men makes front page headline news. The first indications point to a possible suicide, but while authorities continue to investigate her unexpected death, her parents want to avenge her sudden death but nobody in the industry is ready to help.

Two years after her death, a US-based journalist Abhay with multiple identities (Jay Soni), tries to solve the mystery of her death and finds the hidden secrets of her relationship with her father (Avinash Wadhawan) and her possessive boyfriend, Amrendra (Hitanshu R Singh).

Ullu Digital Pvt Ltd, CEO, Vibhu Agrawal, says, “This festive season, we are delighted to present an exciting and fast-paced thriller filled with mystery and suspense, 'Pratiksha'. It crosses movie genres, from action, drama and thriller, and will surely entertain audiences. There's crime and intrigue. Featuring an all-star ensemble cast alongside a riveting plot involving an investigation of the deceased's family and friends on her suspicious death, this series is a must-see."

A talented ensemble of actors features in this series including Chestha Bhagat (Pratiksha), Arya Babbar (Chirag), Avinash Wadhwan (Bhargav Singh, Pratiksha’s father), Manini De (Inspector Vibha Waghmare), Jay Soni (Abhay & Lucky – Pratiksha’s ex-boyfriend), Hitanshu Rajni Singh (Amarendra), Thea Dsuuza (Ishani Gulati), Raj Singh Arora (Inspector Sudeep Naik), Manu Malik (Pranav Singh), Divyanshi Dey (Sonali Sawant), Jyoti Gauba (Aabha Singh, Pratiksha’s mother), Zeena Bhatia (Nirmala Shah, Chirag’s mother), Ram Gopal, Ram Awana (Constable Rajpal) amongst others.

Was her death orchestrated to be a suicide or did Pratiksha kill herself as she couldn’t handle her success and failed relationships? Will the bewildering truth behind Pratiksha's death ever be found? Don't miss Pratiksha - Only on Ullu Originals!

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