Lyricist on taking legal action against singer-composer Rahul Jain and his family: They've cheated me and my child… I want justice*

The female director, writer and lyricist, who filed a complaint against singer, composer Rahul Jain, says that she had to resort to legal action to get justice. Chandrakant Ambani, lawyer of the complainant, told ETimes that a “case has been filed under section 376 2(N), 420 , 406,  313 and 34 of the IPC” at the Oshiwara Police Station.

“Rahul Jain and his family refused to accept me and our six-month-old child and forced me to give the child up for adoption. They also threatened me with dire consequences if I told anybody about the relationship and our baby. I was also told that if I speak up then Rahul will abandon us and ruin my social and professional reputation,” adds the lyricist. She also alleges that Rahul has been cheating on her with multiple girls.

“He was only using me emotionally, physically and professionally under the false pretext of marriage. After my constant pleading to him and his family, they denied marriage, and also denied social acceptance of our child and forced me to give the child up for adoption stating that Rahul doesn't want anyone to know about the relationship or the baby so that he can enjoy his freedom. I had no option left but to file an official complaint against them. Since then he and his entire family has been absconding from Mumbai. It's been 17 days now, and the police have not been able to track them,” she says.

The lyricist says that the world knows Rahul for his voice, but what they do not know is that he is not a good human being, and that he has only used her and many others like her for his personal gain. 

“He is a pathological liar who lies about everything.  He has a pattern of talking to girls and gets them emotionally engaged, asks them to meet him, stay with him in hotels whenever he is travelling for shows and also otherwise. He also gets physically involved with them and takes expensive gifts from them, tells them how he needs money for his music videos, basically cooks up stories and takes advantage of their trust,” she alleges further.

She wants justice, and also wants the world, especially the girls, to know who the real Rahul is in reality, so that no one else suffers like her. 

“I want justice for the wrong acts done by him. I hope the police and the judiciary will bring him to law and punish him for his wrong deeds,” she continues, “I kept giving Rahul multiple chances only thinking about our baby and his future. It took me a great amount of courage to come out in public and take a stand for what is right. But most importantly I am a mother, I could not let any injustice happen to my child. Also as a woman, I took a stand as I know many women would not speak up under social pressure, I just hope and pray that nobody falls prey to this man.”

She also shares being cheated professionally by Rahul. “I was never paid for any of my lyrics for songs on Rahul Jains Youtube platform and also for the songs he did for television serials.He has also not given me credits for the lyrics and used them in movie songs. He also exploited my contacts and connections for his professional gain. He owes me a lot of money for all my work,” she concludes.

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