Dr. Neelam (Kaajal) reads tarot cards of Gaurav. S. Bajaj

Gaurav S Bajaj: Perhaps you feel due for good luck, very soon you will be experiencing it.

Some major changes you will witness and with your mindset, you will accept them graciously. Despite all the challenges, you have total faith in God that he is always watching and taking care. You have a strong spiritual self that gives the will power to thrive forward. You could be craving for some peace and harmony as something has imbalanced you. Peace will be restored as there is an animal spirit sending you its blessings. It's time to be calm and patient. The universe is cooking for you and a blessed opportunity will knock your door that will bring success and prosperity. Drive! That's what is going for you as you certainly are tough at choosing but never a quitter. This is a time of movement, work of your choice is coming your way, you could have a lot of travelling related to work which will give you joy and abundance. Trust the people you associate yourself with. Don’t allow others to influence you too much, when considering your options go with your own understanding. You are your own master.

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