How a Heartbreak Changes People: The Story ofDelhi Based Music Composer & Producer Anurag Jain AJ

“So this is how it all started”, Delhi-Based Independent Music Composer, Lyricist, Singer, Producer & a Businessman Anurag Jain AJ says with a smile on his face and with a sense of contentment. His songs: tere naal ishq hua, soniye, kudi kendi Rockstar hai, tera fan ho gaya etc. are going viral with millions of views on his YouTube channel- AJ records. Not only producing independent singles but also giving hope to talent & vision in Music Production Industry in Delhi by giving chance to emerging artists & also to all kind of profiles in this industry through his Delhi-Based Production House AJ Records, Anurag is looking forward to creating unexpected hits ahead and he shares somewhat a celebrity status as an emerging artist engaged in production of soulful music.

Not many navigate through a crisis with a smile on their face but those who do,
emerge out of it stronger and better. Anurag suffered a major
heartbreak when the love of his life ditched and abandoned him. But what
happened next has changed his life forever.

A lot has been written of heartbreaks and its consequences on individual
personalities and it’s no surprise that it is one the most favourite topics of readers
on the internet. People care to know more about such experiences which in
Anurag’s words “changes you to the core”. They read because they can relate and
realise they are not the only one. It helps them to recollect themselves and stand
tall. Many psychologists- in India as well as abroad have noted that very few
people are completely unchanged or unscathed by this experience. You simply
do not remain the same.

But Anurag did not let him himself drown into the ocean of hatred and negativity instead he picked up the pen and started writing couplets in Hindi and Punjabi. “One of his Junior one day accidently noticed his writings and found it extremely deep and meaningful. He encouraged Anurag to develop these couplets into singles and compose. The idea was to get A established singer to sing it. Happy go lucky, they found one of the best background singer from Bollywood, Prem Sharma in agreement to sing the songs written and composed by him and get it released in form of an album. We are now taking music production business to the next level in Delhi after creating independent hit singles.” And there comes the twist. Now, Production Manager at AJ records Rasi Verma recalls.

“As luck would have it, on the day of recording when Anurag was explaining the
emotions behind a stanza to the singer, he suggested him to sing it for him so that
he could better understand the expected output. Anurag hesitated at first saying
he is a complete novice but when insisted repeatedly he sang. And this was the
moment. Everyone present there was in awe of the voice and the feel with which
he sang those lines. When he stopped, the singer was prompt is saying that Anurag
no one can sing it better than you because it’s you who have felt this pain so
deeply and it clearly reflects when you sing. We can imitate but yours is original.
Don’t stop yourself and go for it.

When not creating music, he can be found nurturing the children at his school in
NOIDA which in Anurag’s words, “gives him the ability to remain grounded and
stay curious and creative”.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)


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