Sneha Namanandi says The Pet Station — where happiness begins is dedicated to her pets Maui and Miguel: They’ve brought love, positivity, colour and light in my life

Sneha Namanandi is very close to her pet dogs Maui and Miguel, while the former is five months old, the latter is one-and-a-half years. The actor and entrepreneur’s life revolves around them.

“They mean a lot to me. Whenever I make plans or decisions, they are always the reason I make them. I love them the most and have never feared losing anyone so much. Maui and Miguel are so important to me that I actually opened The Pet Station — where happiness begins (a pet café) keeping them in mind,” says the actor, who started her journey in showbiz with Gumrah and was last seen in the music video Main Jis Din Bhula Du.

Pets bring a lot of positivity. “They bring love, positivity, colour and light to your home and life. They make you understand the true the meaning of responsibility, love and happiness, she continues, “Playing with them is a stress buster. I can play and be around my pets 24/7.
The favourite part of my day and my life are when I am with my babies. They say pet dogs are a reflection of you. When you’re sad, they are sad, and when you;re happy, they are happy. I never want to see my dogs sad, hence I choose to be happy most of the times. What better partner or companion do you need when you have a pet in your life?”

Every home should have a pet. Sneha also adds that if there are young children or babies at home then having a pet can teach them a lot of things.

“Children grow up being affectionate and compassionate when they have the company of pets. A home that has a dog can never be sad. They are the funniest creatures and can bring a smile to your face even during the toughest times. They never leave your side and we should also do the same no matter what,” she says.

Speaking on animal cruelty and how the situation is in India, Sneha shares that a lot of NGOs and organisations working for the betterment of animals are coming forward to take action for every wrong act done against animals.

“All I want to say is we as humans need to understand and stop hurting animals. Every person on this earth needs to understand that animals are no less than humans. The only difference is that they can’t talk to us in our language. And, the only language they understand is love. There is no stray which has ever bitten me or growled at me because they know my intention isn’t to harm them. They are like this to everyone. We must safeguard animals in whatever way we can,” she adds.

from Naya Sabera | नया सबेरा - No.1 Hindi News Portal Of Jaunpur (U.P.)


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