Dipna Patel: If we try to be like someone else and portray something completely different, it often looks fake

More than looking good, it’s the screen presence that makes a lot of difference, says Dipna Patel. Explaining her point she shares that there are actors who don’t have those conventional ‘good looks’ but are big stars because of their sheer talent and personality.

“The professional image that we portray should be in harmony with who we are and our belief system, values. If you’re yourself then more people will connect with you on or off screen. If we try to be like someone else and portray something completely different, it looks fake. Know your strengths, be confident about yourself, and see how people around you appreciate it. If we feel insecure about how we look it will show. Good looking individuals will not look stylish and inspiring if they lack self belief and confidence,” says Dipna, a model, actor and fashion and apparel design graduate from NIFT, who plans to use her knowledge to guide people during these difficult times through an online live session titled Level Up with DP.

Speaking more on how the pressure to look good is catching up on people in general, she adds, “This has become quite unhealthy. Putting up makeup and the dressing up well make us look so. And both aren’t bad things but that does not mean you have to do these always. Your natural self is as beautiful, celebrate that from time to time. Our inner beauty matters much more than everything else,” she adds.

Earlier an actor would dress up during special appearances and occasions, but now they are conscious about looking good all the time. “With the social media boom we actors have become more accessible to our fans. This close proximity on a daily basis is the reason why we’re conscious. I’ve started sharing workout pictures and morning selfies without makeup to normalise things. In Norway, it’s illegal to post pictures and not label them as retouched or edited. It’s a good rule because many youngsters lose confidence and doubt themselves when they are unable to match high beauty standards all around on social media. Eventually they develop body image issues,” she explains.

Many feel, actors today are far more groomed. Male actors don't deny getting facials, waxing, manicures etc. “It’s a very welcoming change. What's wrong with being groomed? When you are looking stylish, you feel good and when you feel good your mood isn't so good and your day is much better,” she says.

For Dipna, Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are the most stylish actors. “I really like how Ranveer singh experiments with his clothes. Recently I saw a shoot of him where he was wearing a skirt, holding a purse, and I thought that was really cool. I think he made a very big statement through that shoot. He carries any colour and style well. Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra [Jonas] are equally amazing. Deepika Padukone carries more styles effortlessly and I like how she combines her accessories and the silhouettes she experiments with. PC’s red carpet looks have been extraordinary since she has made a move to the west. She has made a strong statement at each and every red carpet and I think that is so outstanding, so classy and killer. I love her confidence,” she says.

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