Social media should be an individual's space: Subuhii Joshii

What to post and what not to post, is the big question that goes through our minds when we think of sharing something on the social media. And actress Subuhii Joshii, who is making her OTT debut with web film "Fariha", feels that it's everyone's personal choice.

"I think social media should be an individual's space where people can post whatever they want and whenever they want. I understand that being a public figure it's a big task and you need to be responsible while posting something but people should not just imitate what a public figure is doing. This is what I believe in," she said.

"Everyone has a different way of living, but imitating is not right. However, I agree that a public figure should post responsibly because there are a lot of kids who follow you, but then I also believe that they imitate what is done at their homes, they don't just follow us. Everyone is aware that they shouldn't be posting something that is harmful for somebody else. So it's not fair that only public figures should be asked to post responsibly," she added.

The "Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai" actress agreed that social media has revolutionised life of actors, but asserted that it has become more like a task. She said, "It has changed a lot of things. We need to be updated, and we need to keep everyone posted on social media. It has become more like a duty these days. Earlier it was just for fun, but now it's more like full-fledged work."

But she stressed that these platforms have connected fans with their favourite celebrities. Speaking on the same, Subuhii said, "It has made it easier for people to stay connected, it's easier to communicate. It has bridged the gap between fans and celebrities also."


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