Singer Sonu Nigam first, from the Bollywood music industry and golfer Krishiv KL Teckchandani come together to provide portable oxygen canisters.

Finally, from the Indian music fraternity, veteran singer Sonu Nigam has risen to the cause of providing mobile oxygen supplies for Covid 19 patients.

Sonu Nigam has chosen to procure two thousand & twenty one (2021) portable oxygen canisters which can provide on-demand oxygen supply to the critical patient when hospital beds or oxygen concentrators are not available. These oxygen canisters will be installed in ambulances across the city. Which will provide emergency oxygen to patients.

"Nigam says we all need to stand and support each other in the time of pandemic". this is an extraordinary challenge and will require extraordinary efforts and commitment and each citizen who has fit at this point of time"

19 years golfer Krishiv KL Teckchandani was in the news for donating his entire prize monies to the blue-collar in the golfing community also donating blood at cooper hospital before the vaccination drive to 18 to 45 start, he has joined Sonu Nigam's efforts by uniting the youth to ensure the portable oxygen canisters reach the struggling covid 19 patients across MMR, Mumbai metropolitan region.

Krishiv says "Sports & Bollywood" personalities are huge Influencers, every individual count, every drop counts, nothing is too less. This pandemic has taught us the real definition of value"


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