Pranitaa Pandit: I’m dying to work but can’t risk it now because I’ve older people and a baby at home

Pranitaa Pandit looks back at her career with happiness. Calling it an amazing journey, filled with ups and downs and the variety that she could be a part of. The actor is grateful for her run so far, and looking forward to more sunny days in showbiz.

“From playing loving roles to psychic to out-and-out negative characters, I’ve had the opportunity to try different things. As an artist that’s what you want to do, that’s how you grow. I still have a lot to explore. Now I have more clarity about what I want to do… Though I enjoyed playing all my characters, the one closest to my heart is Netra from Kasam. The part had many layers and allowed me to experiment. Apart from her being a psychotic, negative, positive, fantastic lover, a caring mother, the character also let me do comedy as well. It was a realistic character,” she shares about her journey so far.

Pandit became a mother of a girl child in August last year when India was under lockdown. Before going into the experience the actor adds that “it feels weird” right now as the lockdown is back again.

She continues, “I went through mixed emotions last year when I became a mother. It was scary because of the pandemic at the same time it was good because I got to spend a lot of time with my child and I didn't have to rush to work. I saw my baby grow each day. It was very traumatic also in its own ways, even right now it is scary to step out and you are constantly protecting your family and living in fear that tomorrow anything can happen. I live in a joint family, so it’s not only two people I have to take care of, I have like ten people in my house. So it has been really challenging.”

Motherhood has made Pandit compassionate and patient. “I have become more stable and no more that hyper that I used to be before. Don’t think I could have achieved this kind of clarity and patience had I not been a mother. Now the idea of happiness is clear to me. I just choose to be happy and that’s how it works for me,” she adds.

So what has been her biggest life lesson during the lockdown, and she replies, “It taught me is actually that ‘I = Illness’ and ‘We = Wellness’, so if I only think about myself, I’m not going to help the situation. If I want to go out, meet friends, family, not wear a mask, sanitize and maintain distance then it will spread the virus, hence I’m spreading the illness. Taking the broader picture into consideration, so if I think we are all in this together and think about others, get vaccinated, follow norms, be careful, then I’m of bigger help as that will be equal to wellness.”

While Pandit was itching to get back to work, but now with a surge in Covid cases, she plans to give it some more time. “I’m dying to work but can’t risk it right now because I have older people and a baby at home. As soon as everything goes back to normal, everyone gets vaccinated, I’ll get back to work,” says the actor adding she is keen on doing web.

Instead of picking up a daily soap right now, which means a long-term commitment, Pandit may do some OTT projects. “I would prefer something which is impactful at the same time fits my schedule. I want to do more than what I have done so far. A show or a film on the lines of The Devil Wears Prada would be my dream role. I myself binge watch on OTT and the last one enjoyed was The Serpent. I find OTT content realistic, intriguing and entertaining,” she adds.


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