Nikita Rawal stays in shape even during the lockdown

We saw some pictures of actress nikita Rawal and we were mesmerized to see how well she has maintained. The gyms and all the fitness centres are closed and getting our hands on our favourite diet foods has become so difficult as we are all locked in our houses. Nikita Rawal is slaying this time. She almost has washboard abs and that's absolutely enviable.

We quickly got on a phone call with The Hero Abhimanyu star and here is what nikita has to say, "I have recently taken up yoga and meditation. Meditation has brought so much into my life. While I am meditating I get like a bird's eye view into my life and what adjustments need to be made. I always loved yoga but I didn't practice it regularly. But off late I have been able to. Since there isn't much equipment at home to workout. And I must say it's changed my energy systems and flow completely. Not only do I feel fitter but mentally there is just no exhaustion. I feel my tanks are filled again and there is no soreness. I recommend it to everyone. It boosts immunity as well which is so necessary during these times.".

Well, we would try and up our fitness game and so should you and we have our inspiration right here.


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