Music Composer Dj Sheizwood’s New Track with Roohani Sisters on Apeksha Music ”Mennu Ishq Samajh Na Aave” is out now

Featuring- Roohani Sisters (Dr. Jagriti Luthra and Dr. Neeta Pandey), Singers- Roohani Sisters, Music- Dj Sheizwood, Lyrics- Kunwar Juneja, Video Director and editor- Imtiaz Alam, Programming - Viplove Rajdeo, Mix and Mastered - Niraj Singh, Producer - Ajay Jaswal

A soulful Sufi song in the melodious voice of Roohani Sisters will touch you beautifully and differently.

The listeners will find the sounds, the melody, and the lyrics, synonymous to words like roohaniyat, sukoon, divinity and spirituality.

The emotional accessibility, purity and mysticism that Mennu Ishq Samajh Na Aave exudes will remain in the hearts of the audience.

Dj Sheizwood says “Mennu Ishq Samajh Na Aave will unite listeners with a divine. The music of the track is by the soul for the soul”

Roohani Sisters state that “It’s a privilege to be singing for Dj Sheizwood and when we heard the composition we were so excited to sing. It is the kind of composition we crave for as singers ,the blend and fusion of Sufi and contemporary is healing and in such times it’s a perfect was to mentally unwind .We extend our gratitude to Dj Sheizwood for giving this melody and Apeksha Music to release it“

Ajay Jaswal of Apeksha Music says “I believe that these soulful, romantic and divine numbers will never go out of trend. I has and it will always find a place in the hearts of the listeners across all the age groups”


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