Amrita Prakash is volunteering with multiple resource-aid networks, while also campaigning to educate & encourage people on Plasma donation!

As India fights the toughest battle against the second wave of Covid-19, it is time for us to join forces by following precautions to stop this virus from spreading. Apart from specific drugs and oxygen cylinders, plasma donation is often prescribed to treat those severely affected by the virus. But there is a countrywide shortage of plasma. Actress Amrita Prakash teams up with experts in not just creating awareness about plasma donation but also addressing the general misconceptions and concerns that are keeping many from coming forward as donors.

Amrita is working in tandem with organizations like Need Plasma and Pint Network, amongst others- to boost the public’s confidence in plasma donation. “I’m volunteering across multiple resource-aid networks and I cannot emphasize the desperate need in our country to educate and encourage people to step up as plasma donors. I’m putting in sleepless nights to volunteer for relief work and also run this campaign alongside, and would urge more people to participate in this critical cause,” says the actress, who has been a part of the entertainment industry for over two decades.

Along with connecting requirements of Covid-19 patients with resources in the country, she has also been using her social media platforms to bust myths and misinformation about plasma donation. Her DM is open for anyone to reach out to her to understand the criteria to be an eligible donor or enquire how/where they may register as plasma donors.

Talking about all one needs to know about plasma donation, she adds, “You can safely donate if you are an eligible donor. It does not affect your own health because your body can replenish the donated plasma within 48 hours. In fact, you can donate plasma every two weeks.” Amrita urges everyone to come forward in this crisis. “Encourage family, friends who have recovered, to donate plasma. If all our eligible covid-recovered citizens stepped forward as donors- we may have had an abundance of plasma, instead of severe scarcity. Plasma donation is safe and can be life-saving in these times,” she signs off.


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