22nd April World Earth Day: Let’s go eco-friendly, say celebs; they also urge everyone to save natural resources

More than anything else this devastating pandemic has taught us the importance of respecting and taking care of Mother Earth. For years, the goodness of Nature is being misused. The growing exploitation of natural resources for our own good has resulted in shortage of water, many species going extinct, increasing pollution leading to health hazards. While many have been putting in efforts to save Earth, there are still others who are yet to do their part. On World Earth Day today (April 22), celebrities talk about the eco-friendly measures they undertake on a daily basis to do their bit. Take a cue:

Priyamvada Kant
It’s now or never, I guess. I try to follow a few things like I always carry a reusable cloth bag when I step out for shopping to reduce usage of disposable bags, especially those made out of plastic. I also invest in reusable eco-friendly water bottles and cups. Think about how many disposable cups are used every day your nearby tea and coffee shops or for that matter plastic bottles too. Imagine how much waste we could reduce if we all made these simple daily changes. Our planet is currently losing forests, so please consider planting trees in your garden or in the pots in your balcony. Make your own green space.

Nikkiey Chawla
I don’t litter or use plastic. I always make sure to separate wet and dry waste. I believe in recycling and reusing. I love gardening. In our Punjab house there were a lot of plants. In Mumbai too I have a small garden where I grow basil, thyme, rosemary, garlic, green chillies, curry leaves, coriander and mint, all the basic herbs that I use in my house. I love roses and marigolds, so I have them too. This makes me stay close to Nature.

Nitin Kumar Gupta
I am working on some ideas that will allow large scale recycling of food, clothes and energy. I don’t want to reveal much about it right now and would like to talk when I implement those ideas in villages.

Pritam Singh
Recycling is one way to save earth from pollution. Cleaning the water bodies, coastline and streets are a must. Dumping waste anywhere outside your house needs to stop. Start treating Mother Earth as Mother Goddess and take care of Nature as you take care of your mother. I actively contribute by following all the measures that the government has initiated starting from sookha kachra geela kachra, to not throwing garbage anywhere but in the bin, saving water, fuel and electricity etc. I follow eco-friendly habits both at home and at work.

Nibeditaa Pal
I think it’s important to look after our environment. We need to give back to Nature and nurture our surroundings. It has been more than 4-5 years since I’ve stopped using plastic. I always travel with my eco-friendly bags while I step out for shopping. I also use eco-friendly cutlery, cups, and bottles to my shoots.

Aniruddh Dave
One should understand that a healthy planet is not an option but a necessity. It's more like ‘as you sow so shall you reap’. Today the kind of efforts we put in to take care of Mother Nature, our future generations will reap the fruits of it or else they will feel the repercussions. I have gardens both in my homes in Mumbai and Jaipur. I also try and keep my surroundings clean. We should stop littering here and there and must throw dry and wet waste separately. Seminars, talks and other initiatives are taken to make people aware. I am doing my bit and would request everyone to come together and do the right thing to save Nature. Gift plants on special occasions along with whatever other things you want to give. Earth is our planet, the more we keep it clean and the more it is good for us.

Amit Mishra
I avoid using plastic as much as I can. My water bottles and bags are all eco-friendly. I love planting trees, conserve water and don’t like wasting food. I use organic products that do not have harmful chemicals. If we take care and love Mother Earth, she will love us back and help us secure a healthy future.

Rohit Choudhary:
Not just on World Earth Day, but in our life we should always keep our surroundings and environment clean. I plant trees and have my own small garden at home. In today’s times, pollution levels are going high. Smog in Delhi during winters is killing. Save water and urge people around you to do the same. I don’t use plastic.

Ashish Johri:
Earth is our home and we all collectively need to take care of it. I try to avoid using plastic and keep planting trees every now and then. I try to be mindful while using all available natural resources. I am all for eco-friendly products.

Prajwal Gupta
To build an eco-friendly society, we need to change our habits. I have switched to online payments and banking to avoid usage of paper. I try to reduce, reuse and recycle my clothes. Saving fuel and water are the two most important things that I have been following for years now. If your office is nearby, try to ride a bicycle to work. It’s eco-friendly and safe too.

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