Holi 2021: Nilam Kenia shares easy and effective tips for hair and skin care

Holi, the festival of colors can create havoc on hair and skin if the right precautions are not taken, noted hair and makeup artist Nilam Kenia, who has worked with Priyanka Chopra, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Sara Ali Khan, recommends useful lessons to protect hair and skin from getting damaged. In view of the upcoming festival of Holi, which will be celebrated on March 28, Nilam shares essential tips for hair and skin care regime. “Don't color your hair especially light colors or highlights or blonde before Holi as Holi colors settle in hair shaft and stains hair color. One must apply a generous amount of hair oil and try to tie a bandana or scarf to protect hair further,” she says. Similarly, Nilam says any major treatment of skin can make it more sensitive to colors and open the pores up and the skin might get damaged. She suggests organic colors are the best to play during Holi to prevent damage to hair and skin. “Avoid playing with synthetic and metallic colors that contain lead which are hazardous to not only hair and skin but also your health. You could play with organic colors that wash away easily,” she adds.
Post Holi, Nilam says cleansing hair and skin with gentle cleansers and moisturizing the skin is a must. On a daily routine basis, Nilam says regular oiling of hair is necessary but if one experiences boils on your scalp then oiling isn't recommended. According to Nilam, a common mistake everybody does after oil massage is immediately washing their hair and this, she said, could cause hair damage. “Washing hair is important to get the benefits of oiling hair, massaging scalp with oil improves blood circulation to hair roots making them stronger and also coats and protects the hair shaft if not washed strongly,” she adds.

Talking about skin care, Nilam believes having nutritious food plays a key role in nourishing the skin. “Foods that are rich in protein and omega3 are good for skin. Apart from a healthy balanced diet, exercise and lots of water are very important for skin and hair health,” she concludes.

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