Discipline, honesty towards work help in attaining success, says Prashant Bajaj

In an interview, Prashant talks about his acting career, roles that excite him to how beneficial is the coexistence of different mediums for the entertainment industry and lessons learnt from his journey.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q. Tell us something about your acting projects and which one has proved to be a turning point in your career?
Ans. I believe all projects were prominent to me but the major one if you ask for is 'Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah
Chashmah' I did many cameo roles there. I have done mythology event show called 'Rameela' with Ajay Devgan sir for Life Ok as a Shatrugan character. I have done 'Ayushmann Bhava' on Star Bharat. I have also produced a show called 'Vartul' for Zee Yuva.

Q. What are the kind of roles that excites you?
Ans. My last project was 'Ayushmann Bhava' in which I played a spy character, it was very interesting role. I am looking for roles in which I can do justice to the character. I am also open to the idea of playing a negative or grey character.

Q. What are the lessons that you have learnt from your own journey in the industry so far?
Ans. I have learned that to do justice to a character you always need to be disciplined, honest towards your work. If you do so, you can definitely attain success. Besides, one must continue to learn every day and work towards honning your acting skills.

Q. The entertainment industry is going through a revolutionary phase with the onset of OTT and online platforms like YouTube channels what is your take on the digitalisation of the industry?
Ans. Well, I would say it’s absolutely amazing that entertainment industry extends its hand towards OTT platforms and YouTube as its helps people to get different types of content to watch. Besides, it’s also an opportunity for an actor, director, producer and everyone to create something appealing for the people so that they don’t get bored and remain glued to their seats. I would also like to add that it’s OTT and YouTube which entertained people during the lockdown with amazing series to watch for so it's a wonderful step to digitalise these platforms.

Q. Being a producer and actor what are your thoughts on several mediums co-existing like TV, cinema, and OTT? And in today's scenario how open are you to explore these various forms of entertainment as a creative person?
Ans. Well, one should never stop exploring different avenues. I believe one should explore any medium which can do justice to their talent.

Q. In the entertainment industry, there's always a hunger to achieve success and fame, what are your thoughts on this and how do you deal with it?
Ans. Success and fame is absolutely astonishing but remember your fans are attached with your character first and then you. So, I believe if you are better at sketching your character inside you it’s always helpful to reach that satisfaction level of fame and success.

Q. If not an actor what you would have been and why?
Ans. I would be a producer as I love to create unique content which can connect with people.

Q. Talking about the current scenario when the country is still reeling under the threat of coronavirus pandemic, the entertainment industry is back on its feet with commencenent of shoots in this new normal world, your comments on this.
Ans. I accept the situation and I believe it’s better to take precautions to ensure a safe and secure environment for all of us to work. Today, sanitizer and mask are our new weapons for protection.

Q. What have you personally followed or learnt during this lockdown and the on-going COVID-19 scenario?
Ans. The new normal helped me to understand that whatever comes in life accept it happily. I remember during the initial lockdown stage there were many things I never demanded but circumstances made me use things which I never did otherwise. So keep smiling and take anything which are coming your way.

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