Veeranshu Singhania will always be a part of me- Sharad Malhotra

Bidding goodbye to anything is heartbreaking,” says Sharad Malhotra, whose show Naagin 5 will be going off air soon. The actor shares, “The kind of love, appreciation and warmth I’ve received in the last six months has been overwhelming. There is so much gratitude I have. I want to thank so many people — my fans, viewers, Ekta (Kapoor) ma’am, the production, my cast and co-stars.”

Sharad says the last six months have been amazing for him despite the pandemic. “Yes, it was the year of the pandemic, but professionally, it was fantastic for me. Personally, I had a few losses and setbacks, but I think 2020 has been great, and 2021 has started on a great note, too. But saying goodbye is not great, it brings back memories we had with the cast, all the fun we had on set. Veeranshu Singhania (his character on the show) will always be a part of me,” he adds. The actor says that it was a great experience for him to be a part of the supernatural and fantasy genre. “We got to do stuff that we don’t get to do in real life — jumping and kicking and all of that. I feel the content needs to be really good, that is something which people look forward to. Gone are the days that you can show anything to them. I think people now want to see good stories, comedy, action — everything. In the time you have for your show, you have to make it interesting. It’s like watching a film in a shorter span of time. If given an opportunity, I’d like to do something like this again,” he says.


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