Aditi Patankar Gupta: Never really thought of acting

Besides being a formula racer, Aditi Patankar Gupta is also the founder of Mrs India UK and a pageant coach as well as Mrs India Singapore. However, she says that acting in films or on TV has not happened for her as yet. She says that as of now, she wouldn’t want to venture into it. “I have done small roles in Singapore but rightly said acting is something I have never thought of but I have been in modelling, runway, emcee/event host and a mentor which satisfies me a lot,” she says.

Besides donning multiple roles in her professional life, Aditi is also a wife and mother of two. Talking about how she unwinds after a big day, she says, “I unwind myself by shopping online!” she laughs, adding, “So I have different hobbies which include DIY stuff and chalk painting. Apart from that, I spend time connecting with my friends and travelling.”

Talking about future plans, she says, “At this stage, I would want to stabilise a few things in my life. Moving to India after a decade, where the pandemic made a huge difference, is no easy feat. There’s a lot to do as things are returning to normalcy. I will be soon launching new projects and focusing on work.”

Ask her if she would like to write an autobiography, and she says, “I think this is one of the popular demands coming from all over, especially my close friends as they have witnessed my life journey. And I absolutely have no clue if I would have enough time to share my life experiences but I would love to!”