Social Media helps me to publicise my talent : Rajan Sajani | #NayaSaberaNetwork

Rajan Sajani talks about his passion for music being a IT professional. Rajan inspires the youth to live their passion for an art and bring their dream come true. Rajan, a Pune based youngster who is just 23 years old has became a brand over social media. The young man can be referred as a chocolatey boy of Instagram. Girls are not just only fan of his voice but also keep appreciating the looks of multi-talented personality. He lives a trending beard look and flaunt himself in a classy style.
Social Media helps me to publicise my talent : Rajan Sajani | #NayaSaberaNetwork

Introducing himself Sajani says, "I would like to mention that apart from musician I'm also an IT professional. I am pursuing music as well as my IT job. Both are equally important to me. Though it's very difficult sometimes to managing things or multi tasking but somehow I do that because I am passionate about it. And in coming years I am planning to bring my band infront of everyone by doing shows not only in pune but all over India. So that's my plan. But I feel one should not plan for too long as we dont know what will happen tomorrow. So enjoy pursuing things that you love the most today and just do that."

Mentioning about how social media is hlping him. He shares, "I dont have any Godfather as such. But yes my elder brother has inspired me a lot. He was the one who saw this dream but for some reason he couldn't pursue that, I got the inspiration from him and for an artist it is very important that he gets some good support and appreciation from his audience. And that's where social media is doing a great job for me. Whenever I perform a song and the response that I recieve after that. It gives me motivation to do more and to create something far better. So that's a kind of kick I get from social media. And for an artist like me, social media is a platform where I can show my talent and my audience is my TRP."

Rajan always remembers to practice exercise for a fitness content. He adds, "I do exercise daily. Not to have some good biceps or abs but just to keep myself fit and healthy. This is something I never forget."


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