Realised my passion for music since school days : Singer Madhav Choudhary | #NayaSaberaNetwork

Lack of awareness, less opportunities in the music industry is still a barrier for music aspirants to consider it as a career option. But still with a hope many enjoys their passion and find a way to gain popularity on social media. Singer Madhav Choudhary has turn out to be one such inspiration for the youths. Madhav who is now 21 years old from Malerkotla, Sangrur in Punjab and is a student of Punjab University (Chandigarh) is trending on internet for his melodious voice and a charming aura. 
Realised my passion for music since school days : Singer Madhav Choudhary | #NayaSaberaNetwork

Talking about himself Madhav said that, "In future I see myself as Cinematographer (director), Lyricsist and a singer in collaborative way." Asked about his interest towards music. He replied, "If you talk about music. I was not really into it. But when I started realising that I can write and compose songs. Later this incident motivated me to sing my own compositions, there I started to sing. And it been 9 years now I have started singing with my guitar. I still remember was in 7th grade then."

Madhav finds social media as a genuine medium to perform and connect. He adds, "Social media helps me to connect with people. Introduce myself to them. I can impress them with my art, talent and hardworking. I can also show what I am carrying with me. Either good or bad, my audience can have a feed back for me. They can have a view on my work and deliver me a response according I can work on me to grow more perfectly."


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